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Veterans: This Loan Allows You To Build Your Dream Home

Veterans home build loan

You probably know about VA home loans that make it easier for veterans to buy a home. But did you know that VA construction loans can make it possible for you to build your dream home? The housing market here in Texas is highly competitive — as it is in several parts of the country […]

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Building Your Dream Home vs. Buying It

building your dream home

Times have changed. You don’t have to start with a starter home anymore. Building your dream home could be way more doable than you ever thought. And building your dream home is your way out of the old routine. Maybe you’ve assumed you have to do things the way your parents did — you buy […]

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VA Construction Loans in Texas: 5 Things to Know Now

VA Construction Loans in Texas

VA construction loans in Texas are making it possible for veterans throughout the state to build their dream homes. So if you’re a veteran living in Texas [or looking to relocate to Texas], your dream home could be far more within reach than you’ve ever thought before. Building Your Own Home vs. Buying a Home […]

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Special Home-buying Assistance for Renters Recovering from Hurricane Harvey

home-buying assistance for renters recovering from Hurricane Harvey

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the losses that homeowners and their families have experienced and continue to face are devastating. As the recovery continues in the Houston area, much attention is being paid to the help available to homeowners and landlords. But home-buying assistance for renters recovering from Hurricane Harvey has been getting less coverage. […]

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How Mortgage Lenders Use Your Credit Score

how mortgage lenders use your credit score

Do you really know how mortgage lenders use your credit score when they evaluate your home loan application? Yes, you probably know that your credit score has something to do with the mortgage process. And you most likely think you have a pretty good idea of how credit scores work. But before you head on over […]

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Buying Your First Home and Still Paying Student Loans

buying a home while paying student loans

You know why buying a home is a good idea. Mortgage payments can be less than what you’re paying in rent. Your home is your biggest investment, one that appreciates over time. You’ve heard it all. But if you’re carrying student loan debt, buying a home while paying student loans might feel like a pipe […]

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The Best Down Payment Options Available Today: What’s Right for You?

best down payment options

Nowadays, if you ask potential homebuyers what intimidates them the most when it comes to purchasing a house, it’s not the monthly payment – it’s having to come up with a sizable down payment. The truth is, today’s homebuyers have a wide range of down payment options available to them. Working with the right mortgage officer, your homebuying dreams can become a reality quicker than you think.

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How Do I Qualify for a Mortgage?

How Do I Qualify for a Mortgage?

Today’s mortgage market can seem very intimidating to any home buyer. Not only are there are a lot of figures and terms that get thrown around, there is also a lot of incorrect information that gets disseminated about what is required to qualify for a home loan.

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Closing Costs: What Home Buyers Should Expect

Prepare for closing costs

For anyone who is looking to buy or refinance a home, closing costs can play a huge role ­­– especially if you aren’t prepared for them. According to a recent survey by ClosingCorp, more than 50% of first-time and repeat home buyers are caught by surprise when it comes to closing costs.  In fact, some […]

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